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Exarcheia, le chant des oiseaux

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Nadine Gomez - (Québec) Canada - 2018 - grec avec sous-titres français/ Greek with French subtitles


EXARCHEIA takes you on a dreamy nocturnal stroll through one of Greece's most politically active neighbourhoods, situated in the heart of Athens, just below the Acropolis. In this lively and mythical space, you meet a coterie of characters whose ideals and aspirations are in constant flux. Set against the backdrop of the economic crisis, EXARCHEIA is a poetical and polyphonic essay that dives into a place where living together is first and foremost a matter of shared speech and hopes held in suspense.


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Exarcheia, le chant des oiseaux
Sous-titres français / French subtitles

WED APR 24, 2019 at 20:30

Cinéma Moderne
5150 boulevard St-Laurent, Montréal

Nadine Gomez - (Québec) Canada - 2018 - grec avec sous-titres français ou anglais/ Greek with French or English subtitles

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Cinéma Moderne

5150 boulevard St-Laurent
Montréal (Québec)  H2T 1R8